Columbus Oaks Healthcare Community is bustling with a fun-filled calendar of activities every day. 

Assisted Living Activities

  • Monthly Trips to WalMart
  • A trip once a month to eat out at a restaurant in town
  • Meal of the month
  • Happy Hour every Friday
  • BINGO twice a week
  • Community BINGO once a month (this is when people from the community come and play BINGO with us)
  • Movie Time three days a week
  • Church Services monthly
  • Exercises twice a week
  • Birthday Party monthly to celebrate the birthdays for that month

Nursing Facility Activities

  • Four church services a month
  • Catholic communion every Sunday
  • Monthly birthday party for the residents 
  • Meal of the month
  • Weekly news
  • Exercise 5 times per week
  • Monthly resident council
  • Bingo twice a week
  • Bible study twice a week
  • Pretty Nails two times a month
  • Evening activities two times a month